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General Discussion

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General Discussion

Talk about anything that is not regional in this forum. Use the regional forums to talk only to people in a specific country/state/city (to set up meetings IRL or whatever).
22 48 Anyone travelling Europe this summer?
by monkeybizness

Regional Forums

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7 29 Lone dingo central Queensland
by Josephwall
1 0 IBCbet Online games are played to make money all the time.
by nuning
2 2 viva9988 holiday Fun gambling games and fun money.
by nuning
13 59 Vancouver!
by ReturnToCentre


Sub-forums: Sao Paulo
1 4 Introduction and invitation for conversation
by RichardInBrazil
1 6 The cozy danes!
by Robert
1 1 Annecy area?
by petio
6 34 looking for TS fans in Berlin!
by monkeybizness
1 0 Delhi let's get it!
by Chazza_de_Coop
1 3 Travelling around
by Hamish
1 1 test
by PhilB


Sub-forums: New Dehli
0 0 None


Sub-forums: Bali
0 0 None
1 2 Listeners in Ireland
by Rachael


Sub-forums: TokyoKyoto
0 0 None
5 38 The Hague
by codemancer
4 20 Anyone going to be in Wanaka/Queenstown this winter?
by The Traveling Josh


Sub-forums: Lagos
0 0 None
1 5 Norway in the house!
by mymomsgarage
0 0 None
0 0 None
1 5 Salutari
by marian.andries
0 0 None
1 0 Traveling!
by Roper1
6 3 Enjoying Granada
by PeterPotbelly
0 0 None
0 0 None
0 0 None
2 4 Travelling through Thailand
by AskinK
2 27 Hello from England!
by donut
29 93 Twin Cities, Minnesota, USA
by Jim
0 0 None

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