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1/18/2021 8:59 am  #1

save money during the financial crisis

What are the more effective ways to save money during the financial crisis?


1/18/2021 10:36 pm  #2

Re: save money during the financial crisis

I'm not sure that now something can be assumed with 100% certainty. I have previously invested in real estate. But now it turned out to be unprofitable


1/20/2021 3:43 am  #3

Re: save money during the financial crisis

Invest in cryptocurrency. This is a great way to save money. I first bought cryptocurrency in March last year.
Now this is good money for me. I use cryptocurrency exchanges. At BestChange, you can find the best rates for buying and sell bitcoin for cash.
It has already made a profit for me.
When choosing an exchanger, please pay attention to the reviews left by other users, the condition of the exchanger's website, reserves, the current status of the exchanger on our monitor. When making transactions, remember that in many payment systems they are non-refundable.


2/19/2021 5:27 am  #4

Re: save money during the financial crisis

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