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5/24/2017 8:44 pm  #1

intro from Boulder/Denver

Hi tribe,
checking in from the Boulder/Denver area! Love listening to Chris and all of his endlessly interesting friends/guests ramble on. definitely feeling some van envy lately, but trying like the rest of us to focus on that carpe fucking diem
: ) super grateful to Chris (and the rest of you!) for TS and all that branches off of it, including this new forum to foster the community. (thanks to Steve!)


6/19/2017 9:59 am  #2

Re: intro from Boulder/Denver

Hey dietza_ ! I live in Denver myself. Totally agree on the carpe fuckin diem! This is a great state for that. So much to do and see. 

In a lot of ways, I give credit to Chris and others for helping me find the inspiration from within to make the jump out to CO with no job/house. If we wait and think things will align perfectly, they never will and we'll be left thinking about what could have been. 

How do you like to 'carpe fuckin diem'? 


6/22/2017 8:14 pm  #3

Re: intro from Boulder/Denver

Hi gypsyboots : ) not sure if that meant you've just recently moved to CO, but if so, welcome!
front range is a super beautiful and fun place to be headquartered, and recognizing that with gratitude every day, even on the way to work is definitely part of my carpe diem. Other than that, spending as much time as possible out on the trails and in the sunshine wilderness!
Also currently in a process of professional (/personal) transition (I mean, that's perpetual right, but a more amplified state of it now, you know what I mean.) ... Chris and Duncan(DTFH) and their guests are great sources of inspiration. Focusing on the principle of -being here now- has been extra resonant lately, so doing what is possible in the moment to be well, happy, and shift closer to root values without wasting precious time and energy. I forget which recent episode it was on that Chris led with the quote from an unnamed poem - "Jump into the air to start with, and you will find wings you never knew." ('fortune favors the brave' was in there somewhere too, I think.)

And you? Where did you jump out to CO from and what inspired you to choose Denver? Besides such a leap, how are you living the carpe diem? Hope fortune has favored your bravery with that job/house situation. 

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7/04/2020 8:46 am  #4

Re: intro from Boulder/Denver

it is great 


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