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10/22/2021 11:46 pm  #1

Tips for writing an essay in English

The first thing to do is to evaluate the list of essay topics offered by the university. Read through them and listen to how you feel. Which one of the questions caught your attention? Which of the topics do you already have thoughts on? Is masterpapers legit? If nothing comes to mind right away, give your thoughts time: take your time and think about the questions for a couple of days. You don't write an essay at the last minute, do you?

Don't put off writing your essay until the last day. The list of topics appears in advance, so start working on your essay at least a couple of months before the application deadline.

It happens that everyone writes about the same thing. Your job is to stand out. Your essay should be original, not about standard topics: "travel", "parents" and "sports". Below we have collected tips and advice to help you write a memorable essay.

Don't repeat the question in your answer.

Don't use long and complicated words. At best, you'll look pathetic, and at worst, ignorant.

Be honest. An answer that shows you for who you are will please the committee far more than an appropriate or politically correct one. However, if your hobbies are going to parties and playing birpong, it's better not to be completely honest.

Be yourself. Don't think about what the admissions officers want to see. Choose topics that you can cover and that matter to you. Express your ideas and share your experiences.

Describe your personal growth. When you write about a life event or hobby, tell what you learned from it. This shows the admissions committee that you are capable of change and have adequate self-esteem.

Add to the resume you already have. Write about things you didn't mention in your motivation letter or portfolio to show different sides of your personality.

Describe details to add color to your answer.

Be careful with humor: Rarely do people manage to make a joke to the point.

Don't use the same answers for different universities. This makes it easier, but individual responses are judged more favorably by the admissions committee. Try to make sure that all the colleges you apply to think that their university is your #1 choice. And don't assume the committee won't notice your clichéd answers: they have a keen eye for that.

Don't worry about the word limit. Write your answer the way you want it, and then just cross it out. You won't believe how quickly and easily you find what you don't need.

Make sure there are no mistakes or typos in your essay. To do this, read it from the end. 
That way you're not concentrating on the meaning of the text, and your focus is only on the words. Check them in a dictionary if you have doubts about spelling. 

When your essay is ready, read it over several times - preferably every other day - to get a fresh perspective. Make sure that it reveals you as a person, that the topic is really meaningful to you, that you were able to show your interest in it and find an original approach. You can show the essay to your friends and relatives to see how they react.Related Resources:
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11/09/2021 3:24 am  #2

Re: Tips for writing an essay in English

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