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1/06/2018 8:59 am  #1

Episode 224 with Kelly MacNiven

Does anyone else feel the same?  Chris describes being born and unable to physically speak for a few years, however,  completely able to think and understand, immersed in a language of thoughts, as if some sort of a quantum thought still connected to the previous existence.    And when speech starts to integrate itself with the mind as you grow older from birth, it actually takes over and you forget all those expressions and actual knowledge.  Knowledge of the life before life on this planet,  the feeling that everything is ok.  Knowledge that life after here will be ok.  Hey Chris, maybe this life is just one big tangent.  A Tangent off yourself.


10/13/2019 2:18 am  #2

Re: Episode 224 with Kelly MacNiven

Hi Monty

The Kelly endbell looks light, but hard to work with. I was thinking about using the PS endbell together with the Kelly c-can.. Have you tried that??



6/30/2021 12:30 am  #3

Re: Episode 224 with Kelly MacNiven



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