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6/24/2021 7:18 pm  #1

Rating of the best operating systems for mobile devices.

When choosing a gadget, one of the main parameters is the OS. Of course, the most popular is Android, but it has alternatives that have their advantages. Therefore, in this article we decided to consider what mobile operating systems currently exist and how they differ. This will help you choose the most productive and suitable device for you in terms of parameters.
Mobile OS-advantages of Android:
fast integration with google services
the presence of a file system
absolute independence from the hardware filling of the mobile device
Android is an open source system
ease of installing applications from different resources
extensive customization options
no restrictions when choosing a mobile operator
support for Flash player
updating via the Internet the
ability to replace/delete default applications

iOS is an operating system for smartphones, tablets, etc. developed by Apple exclusively for its devices.

The iOS user interface is based on the concept of direct interaction using "multi-touch"gestures. The interface controls consist of sliders, switches, and buttons. The operating system was first introduced in 2007.

Mobile OS-advantages of iOS:
the quality of the delivered applications the
availability of updates immediately after the release of a new OS version for all devices at the same time
long-term support for old devices
developers first of all announce their applications for iOS
usability, convenience of the interface
emphasis on reliability and quality of the OS
family access for purchases in the Appstore the
ability to combine the work of mobile devices updated to the latest OS


6/25/2021 3:16 am  #2

Re: Rating of the best operating systems for mobile devices.

Hello. I liked your post and to be honest, I myself was in a difficult position some time ago when there was a choice between buying a smartphone from apple or a branded model on android. I have read a lot of different opinions about this and of course I want to share with you an article on this website, but personally I preferred android.


6/30/2021 12:35 am  #3

Re: Rating of the best operating systems for mobile devices.



8/02/2021 1:50 am  #4

Re: Rating of the best operating systems for mobile devices.



8/02/2021 1:51 am  #5

Re: Rating of the best operating systems for mobile devices.

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