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4/29/2019 10:43 pm  #1

Visiting Portland!

Hey fellow Tangentially Speaking fans!

I'm excited to travel back to Portland - it's been a couple of years! I'll be in town from Fri, May 3 until Sat, May 11th. My plan is to stay with friends for part of the time and couchsurf the rest. 

If anyone is interested in meeting up for a beer or checking out some live music, let me know! I also wouldn't mind finding a couch to surf for a night or two. I'm trying to spread my stays out as much as I can.  I'm visiting Portland for the Urbanism Next conference which is focused on how emerging tech like drone delivery bots and autonomous vehicles will change the way we live in and design our cities. I'll be at the conference Tues 7th - Thurs 9th. Other than that, I'm pretty much going with the flow. Cheers,Jason 


6/30/2021 12:28 am  #2

Re: Visiting Portland!



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