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12/19/2017 3:35 am  #21

Re: Hello from England!

Hi all - in the South and would be keen to meet up.


1/01/2018 11:44 am  #22

Re: Hello from England!

Where are you in the South?


1/14/2018 12:39 am  #23

Re: Hello from England!

Hey all, 

I'll be in London until the end of April. Anybody wants to get together for a chat? I'm presently staying in the very center of London - Soho!

Lemme know!


2/16/2018 11:43 am  #24

Re: Hello from England!

Checking in from Manchester


2/24/2018 11:00 pm  #25

Re: Hello from England!

Thanks for the story you shared.


5/14/2018 12:50 pm  #26

Re: Hello from England!

Hello to the UK. Ive been a fan of Sir Ryan for about 4 years now. My girlfriend and I will be traveling to Europe from California for a month but will be based in London for our stay there 6 June - 4 July. Would be interesting to find some people who are fans as well. If anyone is down to lead us into our personal human trafficking trap, let us know. Good vibes to you all, hope to get a reply from one of ya lads


9/26/2018 2:58 am  #27

Re: Hello from England!

Hey People! 

I live in London, is there a plan for a meetup sometime soon anywhere in London.

If not who would be interested.. ? 

I am up for it pretty much any weekends from 5th of October


9/26/2018 3:01 am  #28

Re: Hello from England!

Off course feel free to send me a private message


5/05/2019 4:12 pm  #29

Re: Hello from England!

In Oxford, happy to meet - just send a DM


2/28/2020 7:31 pm  #30

Re: Hello from England!

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