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4/13/2022 10:09 am  #1

How does buying and selling NFTs work?

Guys who fumbles in this, tell us about how buying and selling NFTs works. For a long time I began to be interested in how you can make money on this. If you have experience with this, please tell us about it.


4/13/2022 11:26 am  #2

Re: How does buying and selling NFTs work?

There are many platforms where you can place your tokens. Some of them even have a narrow specialization - for example, only game items or only art. You can search for such sites on the Internet. A lot of them! Also, if you plan to sell your NFTs, then read the article about nft cybersecurity https://hacken.io/education/guide-cybersecurity-for-nft-projects/ . I think that it will be useful to you in the future.


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